Supplemental Insurance




Life Insurance


Our income, over the span of our working life is one of our greatest assets. Many people do not make the connection that a $40,000 a year job worked for 25 years is $1,000,000. Life insurance is designed to replace the wages that you would lose if you were suddenly to die.


Group Term Life Insurance:  Life insurance is available to all active employees regardless of health. Rates are typically in 5-year age-banded increments and change when an employee moves from one band to another (i.e. employee turns 35). In addition there is generally an opportunity to purchase coverage on a spouse and children.

Individual Term Life: As an alternative to the group model, companies may choose to offer their employees the opportunity to purchase an individual policy. While the employer will make the appropriate deductions from the employee’s paycheck, the employee is really buying an individual policy. Individual Term Life Insurance may be either a 5-year, 10-year, 20 or 30-year term. Underwriting (health questions to qualify) will vary by insurance company as will the amount of coverage available.

Universal Life Insurance: Universal Life is designed to be a cost-effective approach to permanent insurance–higher in cost than Term Life but lower than the cost of a Whole Life policy.

Whole Life Insurance:  Whole Life Insurance is very much a “what you see is what you get” type of product. All aspects of the policy are guaranteed, such as premiums, cash value and death benefit.

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Vision and Dental Insurance


Many companies offer group dental and vision plans or give employees the option of purchasing individual plans at a group discount. Individual dental and vision plans are also available. Health Care Reform mandates that children through age 19 receive periodic vision and dental exams.

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Overseas Travel Insurance


Few individual or group medical insurance policies cover care for individuals traveling outside the United States except for emergencies. 

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Aflac is different from health insurance; it pays cash benefits directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, to help with unexpected expenses when you’re sick or hurt. It’s an extra measure of financial protection. Benefits are pre-determined and paid regardless of any other insurance you have.

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